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Chinese singer-songwriter Chaylin squatting and looking straight ahead in a vibrant pink and black Chinese style outfit
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Melodies Across Borders: A Chinese Singer-Songwriter With A Global Sound

Chaylin (/ ʃeɪˈlɪn /) was born and raised in China. Once seen as a quiet and uncompromising child, she luckily discovered a passion for music, language, and sports that turned into a driving force as she grew.

Chaylin started composing music on the piano and listening to both Asian and Western pop songs in elementary school. As a teenager, she resolved to go to America one day and write songs in English. This dream was realized when she moved to Spain and the U.S. to study language and music after high school.

Identifying a lack of Asian voices on the global stage, Chaylin strives to be the Chinese singer-songwriter who can speak, through her music, to audiences from diverse cultural backgrounds. Taking a step 15 years in the making, Chaylin is now ready to sing her stories in Chinese, English, and Spanish for you all.

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Passion. Creativity. Steadfastness.


Chinese-singer songwriter Chaylin’s logo highlighting the letter ‘C’
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